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Marquee hire frequently asked questions...

Below are a few of our more common faq's. If the answer to your question is missing, just contact us and we'll be pleased to help

How big does my marquee need to be?

The size of your marquee will depend on a number of things such as; how many guests you have invited, whether or not you want a dance floor, stage, tables, bar, etc

The following square meter per person formula can be used to achieve a broad answer to this question, however this is just a rough guide..

  • standing drinks / buffet: min .75m2 per person
  • seated meal: min of 1m2 per person
  • seated meal and dance floor: min 1.5m2 per person

This formula will give you the minimum space required

What is the difference between lined and unlined marquees?

Lined marquees are more luxurious and are an essential element of a traditional wedding-style marquee. With unlined marquees the PVC walls and marquee structure are fully visible, making them more suitable for functional or casual events.

Can the marquee be connected to a building?

Yes, subject to a free site survey, we can fit the marquee directly (or by link) onto your building/house using a foam collar or gutter system to provide a watertight and draught proof seal.

Covered walkways are another option

Where can I get furniture, etc, from?

Elegant Marquees can supply furniture, lighting and flooring.

We can also arrange catering equipment, cutlery and crockery and we also have a list of service companies such as caterers, florists, outside bars etc that we have used in the past

What about power for my event?

Depending on the electricity requirements of the marquee and your service companies, power can either be drawn from a house or the nearest building depending on distance or we can hire a generator suitable generator for your function

Can your marquees be opened up in warm weather?

The beauty of our marquees is that it is very simple to open up the sides to the fresh air which means that you can decide to use this option during the day.

(Don’t forget that it can be cold in the evening, even in the summer, so you should be prepared to budget for some marquee heaters just in case the forecast is inclement)

Do we need heaters and are they warm enough?

Even in midsummer, a heater may be necessary. So budget for a heater just in case and make a decision in the week leading up to your event when you have seen the weather forecast.

Heater technology has advanced substantially in recent years, so a marquee even in winter will be surprisingly warm.

If I hold a winter party, will my guests be cold?

As marquee heaters supplied by Elegant Marquees are very effective and marquee construction is greatly improved, it is unlikely that your guests would feel cold, even in the depths of winter.

Powerful heaters ensure warmth and hard flooring, whilst more expensive than traditional summer floor matting it protects the winter marquee from wet winter ground. So you can capture the beauty and convenience of a marquee event even in winter.

When will you erect and dismantle my marquee?

Typically, we erect marquees on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday before an event and we dismantle them on the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

If you have a special requirement, please let us know and we will endeavour to build this into our timetable.

Can I make last minute changes to my marquee?

Yes, within reason.

We will always be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate your needs. Our wish is always to make sure that your event is a total success and we will do everything we can to help within the limits of feasibility.

Requests for extra furniture, different flooring etc made in the weeks leading up to the marquee hire can be accommodated subject to availability. A larger marquee may be possible this again is subject to availability.

My garden is a bit uneven, does this matter?

A bit of uneven ground is not usually a problem but steep slopes do not lend themselves to a comfortable event for your guests

We operate a suspended flooring system which can accommodate most terrain and a free site survey is available

Do your marquees stand up to storms?

Our marquees are sturdy and we always ensure that they are properly anchored.

They are made in accordance with EC Safety Standards and manufactured to withstand wind loading of up to 60 mph. This is adequate for all but the fiercest of gales.

Will my lawn suffer any damage?

Temporarily, yes.

Grass that has been covered for several days will not look its best, but recovery will be swift and we are always very careful not to damage plants if flowerbeds are included in a marquee.

Do I need to take out any insurance?

It is always a good idea to make sure you are insured against Third Party and Public Liability risks when running any event (even if it is a private function).

Elegant Marquees offers a Damage Waiver in its hire contract but it is not compulsory to use this option.

Can the marquee damage underground cables and pipes?

Yes: the marquees are secured by 0.75m stakes driven into the ground; this can damage pipes and cables so we will need to know the layout of any such items. In addition, we will conduct our own site survey to check clearances to the best of our ability.

Do your Marquee structures comply with current fire/health and safety standards?

Yes, we can also provide certification relating to individual parts also method statements and site risk assessments should these be required.

Can we view one of your marquees?

Yes. Throughout the season we can arrange for you to visit one of our sites, or call in at our warehouse in Nailsworth

Do you supply toilets and generators?

Yes, these are trailer mounted and can be situated in designated areas.

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